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The 4th Quarter

2 May

Which part of the game are you in? First half of life? The 3rd quarter? OK …How many of you are in the 4th quarter? I have lived more than 3/4 of a century. This is the 4th quarter for me. Pretty scary isn’t it?

As we age, our responsibilities change. For some it is moving their parent into an assisted living facility.

Life has many tangles. But we can control some of it.

Others find themselves suddenly single or have a mate who is very ill. Parnts sicken and die, children move home again after a divorce. And then there are the changes to our bodies…
These things can make us feel defeated and deflated.

There are many ways to bring yourself back from the edge of depression and despair or just plain boredom.

Even though by the 4th quarter, life has changed. It is possible to reinvent yourself at any age. And you can do this, no matter what the circumstances.

You know why? Because now, you just don’t give a damn what other people think.

My life changed 5 years ago when my Mother began to age at about 97. Gradually she lost her ability to live on her own. I reluctantly gave up my life in Charlottesville to stay with my mother in my old room, in my old house. She is now 101 years old.

And I have turned my life around. It’s fun and exciting to be here. How can we all make the 4th quarter great? There are several ways, but I will mention 2 of them.

This is my mission. I am telling it now.

First you can make a dramatic change.
Figure out what you can control.
Take a chance on something you always wished to do.
Some people downsize, or move to a retirement community, or a different state to be near their children and grandchildren.
Some people dare to realize a childhood dream.
One older woman who began to take voice lessons a few years ago, starred last Friday night in a one woman cabaret. She was fantastic. That took guts!!! But she was thrilled and even said so to the audience. “This is such fun!” She said. “You should all star in your own Cabaret!”

Another way is to become involved. Join things, volunteer, try a new sport, walk or run a 5K race, or learn to play Bridge.

There is so much to do in Washington DC. I decided to do only things that could be done right here. And I set out to make friends. For instance I joined the Capital Speakers Club and bonded with my class.
Any of you can do this. Turn your life around. Change. Don’t be afraid of the things you thought you would never do. DO THEM! And don’t be surprised if something miraculous happens.
Just as it often is in sports, the 4th quarter of the game of life can turn out to be the best, most exciting one of all.
Go for it!

Copyright©. 2019 Bonnie B. Matheson

Aging, I am for it!!!

1 Apr

Recently I was in a Facebook discussion with some young women about aging.  It made me think of an answer for all of them.

“Oh …You girls…..You are ALL so young.” and I continued with much of what I have written here, though I have embellished it for you.

I am 69….still have most of my natural hair color, though in the last couple of years it seems to be shot with silver all through my hair, rather than just at the temples. I am vain enough to be pleased that it still looks brown most places though. But that is neither here nor there.

It is how one feels, of course that really matters. And I STILL feel somewhere between 17 (I was pretty mature at 17 and got married at 19) and sometimes I feel about mid 20s. But I almost never feel old.

The other day I watched a woman in her early 40 go down a stairway with a big storage box in her hands ….not holding on to anything and moving surely and quickly. And I realized that I cannot do that anymore with absolute certainty that I will make it to the bottom. I always hold rails now, especially if I am carrying something.

But that is about the only way I notice, and I think staying active and interested in things helps.  In fact, learning new things, volunteering, as well as staying connected to family…..oh…and having a dog or dogs who love you keeps you young.  All those things keep us youthful for as long as we do them.

Staying away from medication is another way to avoid feeling old.  If you are tied to taking some medication every day for the rest of your life, it is aging.  And besides that ALL medications have side effects, some worse than others. I take No medications at all.  None.

That is not because I have never had a condition where a doctor could prescribe a drug.  It is because I have refused to take the drug.  High cholesterol being the biggest culprit. My mother has it, and I have it. We do not take the horrible dangerous cholesterol lowering drugs, ever. (And we have had no negative health incidents). Educate yourselves.  Don’t take drugs that may hurt you more than they help you.  Research it, go “off the reservation” and speak with other types of healers. Take charge of your life and your health.

As for age itself, my 93 year old mother says, ” Oh to be 80 again!!!”

So you see it is all “relative”.

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