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Drinking diet soda is not a wise option

10 Feb

I read an article about a new study that says daily drinking of diet soda may lead to higher risk of stroke or heart attack. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41479869/ns/health-diet_and_nutrition/

I was surprised to see some comments on Facebook about this article that showed surprise.  The surprise came from the claim that caramel coloring might be part of the problem.  I concur.  But any drink called diet is dangerous.  There is just too much information suggesting that artificial sweeteners are neurotoxins.  It is not worth the risk to drink them.  Some people have a serious reaction to these things while others may notice nothing at all.  But why do it to yourself? Soft drinks are not good for you.  Believe me I used to drink them.  I loved Coca Cola and was a complete “addict” drinking several a day for years and years.  This was before they changed their formula and started substituting HFC for sugar.  They have never tasted as good since.  I no longer drink them except as a rare ( I mean REALLY rare) treat. And when I do I am always disappointed because they do not taste like they used to.  As for diet sodas, don’t even get me started.  http://www.mercola.com/article/aspartame/symptoms.htm

What about the neurotoxins in the artificial sweeteners? How can ANY educated person still be drinking ANYTHING diet anymore? Don’t people read anything about these poisons? Why would you drink ANY flavored drink unless it is made from something natural such as real lemons or limes? Artificial sweeteners will kill you. Dead. (at least that will be the end result) Why drink the stuff at all? I just don’t get it. If you MUST have a soft drink ….at least drink a REAL ONE. Best if you can find one made with real sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.
Why don’t people understand that what they eat is powerful and will either help them or hurt them. it is not benign. It matters what you eat.  Think before you put anything in your mouth.  “Will this help me or hurt me?”

Here is a radical article  the source for which I have not found.  But it will make you think.  Do your own research. http://www.laleva.cc/food/dietcoke-pepsie.html

I welcome your comments.

What is truth?

26 Feb

What is honesty? What is truth? Are we supposed to stay silent when we see wrongs worsening and people ignoring all of them while they sit and watch TV? It frightens me that Americans (that is an old fashioned word, I guess) are so caught up in their comforts or lack of comforts if they are in financial trouble, that they do not notice that they are losing their freedom. Television is a drug taken by the vast majority of the nation daily and nightly.  At the same time they are medicated with sugar or artificial sweeteners which are worse than sugar. Often they are on medications to alleviate symptoms, but not cure diseases that were never heard of even 50 years ago. These people complain about not having free health care and say it is a “right”.  Yet they are doing everything possible to make their own health and that of their children fail. They put up with an extraordinary amount of government interference and call it “protection”. Sort of like being taken care of by the “mob”, I suppose.
No one says a word against this except for some very outspoken “right wing” extremists.  Therefore many people do not listen. Well I am NOT a right wing extremist. I fear extremism of any sort.  But I am here to tell you that we are in serious trouble in this country, the great United States. Our ancestors would be shocked at our indolence. They would be appalled by the waste of resources and over use of luxuries that would seem to them impossible. We all live better than the richest king in ancient times, or even mid-evil times, or even 100 years ago. We possess devices that make our lives so easy and connected that it would be incomprehensible to our ancestors. We take electricity for granted and drive cars or fly in planes covering distances in hours that would have taken a covered wagon months to travel. We have closets overflowing with clothes, yet we are dissatisfied and buy new ones all the time. We dye our hair colors that it was never intended to be. (Don’t think I am a prude, I have even considered a couple of turquoise streaks for myself)
But the point I am trying to make is that it seems as if people are blind to their extensive gifts. They are grasping for more and complaining about what they don’t have, but they have so much and such incredible things that it boggles the mind. They are used to all of this. They completely miss the magic of color TV and demand high def. They cannot comprehend not having phones at their fingertips and want newer ones with better cameras and more “features”.  FEATURES? Phones with features are so unimportant compared to what is happening to their bodies as they eat fast food (and they eat it fast, never savoring or truly enjoying it as they chew) All these “things” that people pile up in their homes or cars or offices mean little if their owners are slaves. And we are becoming slaves. Slaves to “political correctness”, slaves to the FDA, AMA, the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies, the tax system of the United States which criminalizes everyone by making them shave a little off here or there to save a few dollars. We are no longer private citizens when our medical records, our tax records, our telephone logs and even conversations unwittingly taped are available to the “law” whatever that is. Every word we write online is still floating around out there forever (it seems) and can be “searched” if you have powerful enough equipment or a great enough knowledge and even if you don’t Google often comes up with things better left unnoticed. I want to make people THINK about what they are giving up. Would you fight to keep your freedom? I wonder.
The truth is that most people are too comfortable to bother. That is my honest opinion. So we are in grave danger of losing it.

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