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Thoughts on pro-Obama video

7 Oct

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Mostly Obama keeps hammering away at points that are meant to make the rich sound bad rather than something to aspire to. He continually divides the people over these made up “%” numbers and repeats over and over again about tax cuts without ever mentioning the way in which the government has figured into the current downturn. 
He did mention that people were practically ‘strong armed’ into buying houses they could not afford. That was certainly not anything “done to them” by the rich. That was a political move. Congress forced the banks to make those loans. They were trying to get everyone in a house of their own. But they were doing it without bothering to take into consideration whether the people could afford these houses. It was criminal.

In the video there are pictures of windmills and solar panels and the implication that we must get ourselves self sufficient in energy by using these things. This he tried and failed expensively at doing. These forms of energy may work eventually. They may be better than fossil fuels, though I am not sure about them because there are a lot of hidden costs and ingredients to those sorts of energy production.
However, we can become energy self sufficient right here, right now with oil and gas. The fact that Obama has stonewalled that, and refused to approve that pipeline which would provide so many jobs is amazing. He is bound and determined to be the one to change the direction of the country when it comes to energy. But we are not accustomed, nor do we wish to be, to have ONE MAN change our direction. We are a diverse nation of independent minded people. We are often wrong. But we lumber along as a collection of states all of whom are very different, and often have very different goals. We like it that way.
 No one is saying that there should be no regulations. No one.
 But many of the regulations we have already are crushing those who wish to start new businesses. Obama says in the video that it is the “strong, growing middle class” that creates jobs and he is at least mostly right about that. But in order to create them there has to be enough “give “ in the economy so that people have some feeling of stability, some certainty that things are not going to change for the worse without warning. Right now there is huge uncertainty in the business community. People are scared to scale up. They are afraid to hire more employees. Health care could make it too expensive, or taxes could suck away all the money for payroll.

Government Programs and taxes do not create jobs. And they certainly do not create prosperity. In fact they are the very thing that stifles job growth. People who are not wealth creators often do not understand this. And of course the huge percentage of people who are living off of the government “dole” or disability payments do not understand this. They are easily fooled by Obama’s rhetoric. Don’t be one of those.

thoughts on the 4th of July

4 Jul

Thomas Jefferson said: All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

That quote above is exactly what the Tea Parties are trying to prevent, silence. Of course they don’t have the answers. We are not even sure of the questions. But to say that nothing is wrong, or even “just be patient and let the politicians work this out.” is folly.
Someone said “We must play with the cards we are dealt.”
No, no, no, we do NOT have to play with the cards we are dealt!!! Where did that philosophy come from? It sounds like something from the dark ages. What if our ancestors had felt that way? What is wrong with people??? Are they just so comfortable that they don’t want to rock the boat? I know, rocking the boat is scary and dangerous. But let me tell you something about NOT rocking it…..that is how Hitler stayed in Power, Stalin, and others. People were afraid of making waves, of being singled out….of angering the powers that be…..But we MUST do that if we feel we are not being heard… We must stand up for our beliefs even if it is inconvenient. That is what PRINCIPLES are about.(A fundamental assumption; a rule of law or nature; a moral rule)
The most important thing is attitude. Do we believe we can make things better or not? I believe we can. it seems to me that most people do too. Many are intelligent people who obviously CARE. What can we do to make things better? (To me listening to the things the Tea Party people have to say is a start.)….They have some fresh ideas, not all old fashioned. Republicans and Democrats have both had a chance to make things better. But they aren’t. We need to make some changes. What are they going to be?