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Aging, I am for it!!!

1 Apr

Recently I was in a Facebook discussion with some young women about aging.  It made me think of an answer for all of them.

“Oh …You girls…..You are ALL so young.” and I continued with much of what I have written here, though I have embellished it for you.

I am 69….still have most of my natural hair color, though in the last couple of years it seems to be shot with silver all through my hair, rather than just at the temples. I am vain enough to be pleased that it still looks brown most places though. But that is neither here nor there.

It is how one feels, of course that really matters. And I STILL feel somewhere between 17 (I was pretty mature at 17 and got married at 19) and sometimes I feel about mid 20s. But I almost never feel old.

The other day I watched a woman in her early 40 go down a stairway with a big storage box in her hands ….not holding on to anything and moving surely and quickly. And I realized that I cannot do that anymore with absolute certainty that I will make it to the bottom. I always hold rails now, especially if I am carrying something.

But that is about the only way I notice, and I think staying active and interested in things helps.  In fact, learning new things, volunteering, as well as staying connected to family…..oh…and having a dog or dogs who love you keeps you young.  All those things keep us youthful for as long as we do them.

Staying away from medication is another way to avoid feeling old.  If you are tied to taking some medication every day for the rest of your life, it is aging.  And besides that ALL medications have side effects, some worse than others. I take No medications at all.  None.

That is not because I have never had a condition where a doctor could prescribe a drug.  It is because I have refused to take the drug.  High cholesterol being the biggest culprit. My mother has it, and I have it. We do not take the horrible dangerous cholesterol lowering drugs, ever. (And we have had no negative health incidents). Educate yourselves.  Don’t take drugs that may hurt you more than they help you.  Research it, go “off the reservation” and speak with other types of healers. Take charge of your life and your health.

As for age itself, my 93 year old mother says, ” Oh to be 80 again!!!”

So you see it is all “relative”.

Drug Side Effects, Do You Know Them?

28 Jan

The number of people who are killed each year due to FDA approved drugs is in debate.  Some say 100,000. Some say many more than that.  These are not mistakes, wrong medicine or overdoses.  These are simply bad reactions to drugs prescribed by physicians.

People are speaking out about this yet nothing is done.  Gwen Olsen wrote a book called Confessions of  Drug Pusher http://amzn.to/elcmKa which documents this terrible problem. Yet people are still taking drugs because their doctor tells them to.
Why don’t people research these drugs? I don’t understand it.  The information is out there.  And alternative ways of making your body respond are also available. If you are willing to change your life and do what is necessary to keep your blood pressure down or your irritable bowel syndrome under control you can avoid drugs completely.  Yet I hear people talking about the benefits of “meds” and how they are changing lives for the better.  I am not convinced that these drugs are really helping.  They may help somewhat but if their side effects include death, don’t you think that might be a bit risky?
I would really enjoy hearing your comments on this.

What do we do now about health care?

28 Oct

The first suggestion from me would be educating people about how to take care of their own health. The whole MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL complex is out to make money for themselves. They have NO desire to keep people well. That would be bad for business (and I am all for legitimate business, but NOT for making money by keeping people from being healthy.)

Our system has almost nothing to do with health. It waits for people to be ill before even looking at them. And everything about todays culture (unless you look for alternatives) is geared towards taking meds and expecting diseases.

I believe that the cancer epidemic is partially caused by all the focus on Cancer and how it is “Going to get you” that the media is so busy foisting on us. Cancer is NOT going to “get you” it is a disease you can avoid, by lifestyle and taking care what you do or eat or where you live. (not under a power-line for instance). Stress is a huge factor in developing cancer.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/deepak-chopra/manage-your-stress-to-pro_b_772759.html

One reason I am so dead set against the OBAMACARE bill is that it will only make MORE people sick. This is because they think that by going to the doctor they are protecting themselves when in many cases nothing could be further from the truth.

There would be NO health care crisis if people only understood this. The prohibitive cost is almost all caused by the invention of medical insurance and ruinnously so because people seem to feel it is their right.

Their true “right” is the right to manage their own health care, their own bodies, with the help of a doctor who is NOT distracted by the threat of lawsuits and the interference of insurance companies who know NOTHING about health care.

As and example, what has happened to childbirth is an absolute tragedy. Women are brutalized and told that they are being well treated at the same time. Babies are being ripped from their mother’s wombs over 1/3 of the time….more like 40% in some hospitals and even worse in some others. It is criminal. The C-section rate is just outrageous. Programs on TV make it seem normal to treat childbirth like some sort of medical hurricane, with multiple people dressed in protective clothing buzzing around the pregnant woman, but only paying attention to machines, monitors and printouts and rarely glancing at the woman herself.

She is expected to be grateful for this.

This marginalizing of women is much worse than racism ever was, or ever will be and yet no one but a few of us who trust birth are even paying attention. These women are literaly being tortured at a time when they should be nurtured and protected. Millions and millions of women every single year go through this.

It is one of the most spectacular brainwashing jobs ever done to a population. Oh dear….this subject really hits a nerve. But ALL medical care is beginning or has become like the birth INDUSTRY. Cancer is a huge business. If a cure were found tomorrow it would bring down the entire economy.

Do you think they would tell us if they found one? Doctors become angry when I mention this. And certainly, not all doctors are insensitive.  However there is a huge business built up around Cancer. Think about it.  What would it do to hospitals, cancer centers, doctors, insurance companies, and businesses that cater to drugs and machines that offer some help for cancer victims?

This is NOT a Liberal or Conservative issue. This is a human rights issue. LISTEN UP ….it could be about YOU.

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