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Sir William Osler: “It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what disease a person has.”

22 Oct

I stole the above quote from Equilibrium http://www.equilibrium-clinic.com/ because I believe it is so important.  So many people are unwell for so many diverse reasons.

Do you know why you are sick, if you are suffering from some condition?  Have you thought about what that means?

There is a fear in people’s minds that if someone suggests that they are ill by choice that it is “blaming” the victim.  Do you feel that way?  Or do you have some small doubt about what causes one person to fall ill when another does not?  Could there be more to it than just disease.  Have you looked at the world dis ease ?  Does this give you any clues?

Each of us has to travel our own journey.  No one can live another’s life for them.  We bring things to this life from our genes.  Some say these can go back 7 generations.

Could it be that you have some issues buried in your genes that are causing physical problems now in this life?

This is worth thinking about.  Take a look at energy medicine such as accupuncture, or EFT.  You may find some answers there that are not available at your local MD’s office.

Let me suggest a wonderful coach who does energy medicine.  She is Francesca Grazier. You can reach her at :  http://Opentogoodness.com I hope you will take a look at her site.

Sometimes it is possible to clear the problems that are causing your dis ease with energy medicine.  This can happen fast and with no drugs at all. Everyone has buried issues.  Some say that our sub-consious comprises more than 95% of our minds.  Take a visit to yours through the amazing world of energy medicine.

Wishing you the very best of health.

The Healthy Life Series: Coconut Oil

16 Sep

I’ve started a new reoccurring series on my blog focusing on healthy lifestyle tips.  Check back for alternative ways to eat healthier, stay fit and live a good, full life. First up- coconut oil.

My eating has become healthier in the second half of my life as more is learned about what makes our bodies work. Some of these foods were considered bad for us or fattening in the past. For instance, many people used to avoid eggs, but free range local eggs are about the healthiest thing you can eat. Once, a nutritionist told me to only eat a quarter of an avocado in my salad. Now I often eat a whole one in one day. An onion a day is great for you, too. Raw nuts, especially if you can find some that are not pasteurized. They are not only healthy, but they taste great, too. These foods must move over. Coconut oil is my new staple and it should be one of yours.

It is one of the suggested preventions for several diseases that you do NOT want to have. “The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased immunity, proper digestion and metabolism, relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and cancer, dental care, and bone strength.” – OrganicFacts.net.

Coconut on Beach

Many people are taking another look at coconut oil. You may wonder when to use such a strange product. Buy organic brands. Read all you can about it. You will discover that it is not only tasty, but healthy. You may also find that it helps shed pounds. It has been working well for me and that makes me find even more creative uses.

Here are some ways to use it:

1. To fry an egg

2. Heat up leftovers

3. Drizzled over salad (must be liquefied first)

4. Cooking meat in a black iron skillet

5. Greasing a pan for baking

6. As a substitute for butter in a recipe

7. Instead of olive oil, put a dollop in boiling water to help separate pasta.

8. Put it in anything that will heat up, and you will sense rather than actually taste the fresh cleanness of it.

You may add as much of it as you can to your daily food. Stir fry with it, add some to soups or stews or almost anything you cook, even salad dressing. Though that can be tricky because it is generally a solid oil which you may take out of the jar in spoonfuls. In summer it may stay liquid if you keep it away from the coolness of a refrigerator.

You can cook everything with coconut oil. It is such a clean tasting oil. And it heats up well. The best part is that it has all sorts of health benefits. For more information click here read the whole article.

Do you have a favorite food in the healthy category? Please leave a comment and tell us about it.

Your Mother May Be Your Best Doctor

6 Sep

The best doctor you will ever have has no degree. She is your own Mother. Your mother can calm you with a phone call.  More than that she may be able to make pain go away with a kiss, a snuggle.  She may also prescribe medication, giving something to you that she has already in her medicine “stash”.  Or she may give you herbal tea, apply essential oils, or cream or potions she concocted. No one calls her a fake, and most would not question her wisdom. Mothers are more careful about what they give their children than many doctors are.
She needs no degree to read your symptoms and decide if you are faking or truly ill. She knows your soul, and understands your gestures, she senses your heart’s desire. She knows when she is over-faced by a dangerous illness and calls in re-enforcements like doctors or other professionals.

Cherish your mother as she does you.  And as you each age you will find that it works both ways.  You will also see her health with your heart not just your brain.  That bond is eternal and even when there is no earthly connection her spirit will aid you in diagnosing your own children and grandchildren.

This is not just a charming little piece on motherhood, there is a deeper meaning here.  We have been trained in the 20th and now the 21st century to think of any ailment or anything out of the ordinary as something for which to take a pill, or ask help from a physician to prescribe something.

We seem to have forgotten the ancient ways of healing. We do not credit our instincts or our intuition with having the answers. We no longer trust our bodies to know what to do.

Start now, trusting yourself. Keep yourself healthy. It is entirely in your own hands, most of the time. Wishing you all a wonderful healthy, happy life.

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