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The Case for Home Birth

24 Mar

A home birth is the best place for a calm birth. In one’s own home that sense of being in a foreign place is simply not a problem.  After all, this is “home”.  In a hospital there are different smells, different sounds, and a large number of strangers all intent on their own agenda, not putting the pregnant woman first.  There are noises and loudspeakers and pinging machines and germs in the air and on every single surface. Those in attendance tend to watch a monitor instead of the woman who is in labor. She may be hooked up to an IV and an internal fetal monitor. All of these restrict movement and make the woman uncomfortable.

In her own home a woman can be the true center of attention.  The only people around her are people she feels close to and comfortable with.  There are no strange noises, or germs that are unfamiliar to her body. The lighting is whatever she wishes.  The place where she labors is entirely her choice, she can move from rented birthing tub to shower to bed to floor or birthing stool. She can eat or drink whatever is at hand and have her needs met without complaint or “rule breaking”.

My daughter in law just gave birth in this beautiful, peaceful and safe way.  The baby was late, but less than two weeks.  No one suggested “bringing it” by artificial means. After many days of gentle contractions that never developed into real ones, she began to feel that they were changing during the night of March 23rd. But she was able to go back to sleep. She woke my son (and he called me) about 6 am. Her labor was actually not long  and the baby was born at 9:40 am.  The birth was uneventful, if you want to call a miracle uneventful. It was so beautiful to watch,mystical in a way as she reached a zone of maternal intensity necessary to give birth naturally.  My son, her husband played his role as supporter with such calm and loving availability.  He made me proud but he also really seemed to be “With her” in a way that only a truly trusting marriage can allow.

My handsome grandson is healthy, alert and surrounded by loving siblings parents and grandparents. How lucky he is to arrive into the world with so little trauma.  May he be lucky all his life.

Interruption of service

28 Feb

Interruption of service

When the Internet is down everything comes to a halt.

At first it is immensely frustrating, but finally when one realizes that there is absolutely nothing to do about it, peace descends.

There is wonderful peace in silence.  That sound of silence that happens when the electricity stops it’s background hum.  All of a sudden, birds are chirping, crickets making their distinctive cricket music and the breeze seems to be part of the orchestra because it whips branches against each other, or causes them to brush audibly against the sides of the house.

Now we can remember childhood moments of this same peace.  Rare even in the late 20th century,  silence is not appreciated by many.  It can even make some people nervous and irritable.   For those born into the 21st century it will be almost a thing of the past. (Unless one goes far into the wilderness or a great distance out to sea.

Cherish Silence when you can. During these moments our minds are free to wander unhindered by programmed feelings of tension and dis-ease. Silence heals. We are at once peaceful and energized knowing that this will not be a permanent silence.  While we have it, let’s enjoy not doing anything at all.

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