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What does it all mean?

13 Jan

Republican District 20 Chairman Anthony Miller of Arizona, who resigned puzzles me. Seems an odd move. Made me suspicious of what other motives he might have had. Perhaps he was going to resign anyway and used that parting shot to do some damage to the Tea Party.

Otherwise I am surprised at his lack of guts. Even Ambassadors to benign countries get death threats all the time. Bombs are found under cars. They travel with a support vehicle never alone. It was this way in the 70s and I suspect it is worse now. Any high profile person has to worry about those who have it in for them.  Movie stars, singers, (John Lennon) or sports stars are all at risk from mentally deranged people.

But my point is that politicians get death threats in the mail or otherwise, as a matter of course. If every one that got threatened resigned we would have NO government.

Come to think of it …that is not a bad idea! (Just joshing!)

To me the ability to speak (even violently) what one wishes to is one of our most basic principles.

When some say that we don’t have to speak what is truly in our minds, that does not make me feel one bit more comfortable. I would rather know who has violent thoughts about me or my party or anything, than to worry about what people “are not saying” but actually believe in their hearts.

Free speech really does mean FREE to say what you want. If you try to put limits on that, where on earth would we stop?

thoughts on the 4th of July

4 Jul

Thomas Jefferson said: All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

That quote above is exactly what the Tea Parties are trying to prevent, silence. Of course they don’t have the answers. We are not even sure of the questions. But to say that nothing is wrong, or even “just be patient and let the politicians work this out.” is folly.
Someone said “We must play with the cards we are dealt.”
No, no, no, we do NOT have to play with the cards we are dealt!!! Where did that philosophy come from? It sounds like something from the dark ages. What if our ancestors had felt that way? What is wrong with people??? Are they just so comfortable that they don’t want to rock the boat? I know, rocking the boat is scary and dangerous. But let me tell you something about NOT rocking it…..that is how Hitler stayed in Power, Stalin, and others. People were afraid of making waves, of being singled out….of angering the powers that be…..But we MUST do that if we feel we are not being heard… We must stand up for our beliefs even if it is inconvenient. That is what PRINCIPLES are about.(A fundamental assumption; a rule of law or nature; a moral rule)
The most important thing is attitude. Do we believe we can make things better or not? I believe we can. it seems to me that most people do too. Many are intelligent people who obviously CARE. What can we do to make things better? (To me listening to the things the Tea Party people have to say is a start.)….They have some fresh ideas, not all old fashioned. Republicans and Democrats have both had a chance to make things better. But they aren’t. We need to make some changes. What are they going to be?

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